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Talking about ourselves...

We are concept creators.

We create, recreate, change, innovate, think, plan, interact, act.
And we conjugate a hundred other verbs to generate the best adjectives to your business.

We respect some limits.
But what we really like is to overcome all the other ones.
We are opened to the new. But without forgetting our past references.

Some people might say we are not traditional. But we still use the tradicional “GOOD MORNING”, “PLEASE” and “THANK YOU ” every day.

We Exchange any idea for a GREAT IDEA
We love a good challenge. Specially the ones who fits your segment, your concept and your public.

We prefer “YES” than “no”.
We accept sugestions, alterations. And even that happy hour invite.
To seek for the new we start all over again. And again. And again. And again.


Our new structure is coming

A dare that became reality or a reality that became daring.

Our ideas gone far. So far, they’ve reached AMERICA and EUROPE. Working as a backoffice agency for international companies located in New York, Dallas, Los Angeles and London, Agencia Manga took its innovator look across the seas.

BACKOFFICE SERVICE – The best way to use and save your money.

As a backoffice for your company, we can manage everything you need from websites, seo, adwords, systems up to social media monitorations.

With all the professionals you may need, Agencia Manga will be your biggest partner for optimization of your time, money and services.

Differently from a freelance job, we will be yours and your company’s backoffice for much less than you think. The dollar’s currency is the greatest advantage for you and for us.

Why hiring someone to do a single job when you can hire an entire team with basically the same paycheck to do so much more? Do the math and contact us! We are expecting you.

An exchange of experiences to improve even more the clients’ needs.

  • Manga - EUA - NY / Dallas / LA
  • Manga - ENGLAND - London

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